Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Numerology for India

My friend Srinivas Shastri shares my interest in numerology. This is actually a comment I wrote in one of his blogs. It has been cleaned up a little and made to look a little more pretty.
In fact better than Bharat (15) is Bharatavarsh (33), a number signifying abundant wealth and prosperity. The spelling is based on the pronunciation when written in Sanskrit. Even the misspelling/ mispronunciation Bharatvarsh (32) is a number that is friendly to 6 and 8. Currently India (12) is inimical to both 6 and 8. If modified/pronounced as Bharatvarsha it would still be 33.

33 is sattvik while 15 is rajasic, and thus 33 is more suitable given our country's sattvik nature. 15 shows a decline in divinity while 33 provides the grace of the Mother Goddess, Parasakthi. 33 is also considered a number of Lakshmi, who provides us with plenty - dhanam dhaanyam bahu putra laabham (Shree Sooktam). Bharatvarsha, with the grace of mother Parasakthi would be most accurate symbolism of Bharatmata, who is depicted in the form of Goddess Durga seated a lion.
Let us pray that our country is rid of its evils and that all of us can live peacefully and happily.


k.t.sudhahar said...

i remember pandit seturaman mentioning somewhere in his book 33 if not matched properly may cause nervous problems

S. Anand said...

I tried to look through the book to see if that was so; couldn't find that statement. If 33 were to fall in Mercury's house, would cause some problems with nerves.

KT Sudhahar totals to 33 and Sudhahar totals to 27; both are good numbers.

Please go through my blog and make some more comments like this one. It is an interesting subject and any comments/advice or shedding of more light on this wonderful science, is needed !