Friday, May 19, 2006

Compound Numbers

Compound numbers are arrived at by adding the digits that make up the Name. The compound number then "represents" the impact of the name on the individual's life and destiny. The numbers from 1 to 9 are single numbers. The numbers 10 onward are compound numbers. The meanings are obtained/adapted from "Cheiro's Book of Numbers" by Cheiro (Count Louis Hamon).

10 : "The Wheel of Fortune"; 10 is a number of honour, faith, self -confidence and of rise and fall of fortunes (since it is a wheel that turns).

11 : "The Muzzled Lion"; it is a mysterious number in occultism. It warns of hidden dangers, trials, tribulations and treachery from others. The person representing it will have great difficulties to contend with.

12 : "The Hanged Man"; it portends martyrdom and suffering and being sacrificed for the plans of others.

13: "The Reaper"; a skeleton scything down upon a field. It is a number denoting upheaval and change. In occultism, it is considered a favorable number for "He who understands the number 13 will be given power and dominion". If wrongly used, the number will wreak destruction on itself. It is a warning of the unknown.

14: "The Winged Angel"; it is a number of movement and combination of people, revolution, temperance and trials and dangers from natural forces. While it is fortunate for dealings with money, speculation and changes in business, there is a strong element of risk and danger. On the whole, it is not considered a very fortunate number.

15: "The Devil"; "Dweller of the Threshold", a man stuck between virtue and vice. 15 is a number that represents the dark side of magic, and the person represented by it will use every art of magic to suit and carry out their purpose. If associated with strong harmonious numbers it can be very lucky and dynamic, but if associated with a peculiar number like 4 or 8, the person it represents will be very unscrupulous. It confers a beautiful form, voluptuousness, weakness in matters of the flesh but it is the eloquence, arresting personality and strong personal magnetism which is used to gain material advantage - obtaining gifts, favours and money from others. (Shukra Dosha)

16: "The Shattered Citadel" or "The Lightning-struck Tower"; it is depicted by a two men falling headlong to the ground, one of them wearing a crown, as a bolt of lightning strikes the tower. 16 is not a fortunate number - it denotes speedy progress and an equally speedy fall. A shining example of this number is the country JAPAN (16). During WW II Japan made rapid strides in conquering new lands and the Mikado was considered invincible (the rapid rise part). But once the US bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan was humbled and the Emperor's invincible aura vaporized. Therefore, 16 is a number of weakness and subversion, accidents and catastrophes, defeat and danger.

17: "The Star of the Magi"; this is a number that promises fortune provided the person is willing to work hard. In the beginning there will be many failures and disappointments. But perseverance, determination and sheer doggedness will help the person amass fortune. It is a number that promises immortality and the name lives on for its achievements.

18: This is an explosive number where materialism completely destroys the spiritual nature of man. It makes the person selfish and willing to use every trick to achieve their motives. It is a destructive number and causes family feuds, strife, explosions and wars. A notable and even pertinent example is Bombay (17) which became Mumbai (18); one can see for oneself what name changes without proper thinking can do. Another example is Srinagar (18). Bomb blasts are common in both these places and the grace of God is absent.

19: "The Sun"; a very fortunate number promising status and position in life. Just as the Sun increases in its brightness as it moves towards the azimuth, so too these people will have ever-increasing fame as they move towards the pinnacle of success. People born under the influence of 1, 4 or 8 alone can benefit maximally from name number 19. The ancient Egyptians called this number "The Ideal Lover" because it promises fulfilment in l'affaires de coeur.