Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The number 5 series

Late Shri Pandit Sethuraman was one of the finest exponents of the sublime science of Numerology. He speaks very highly of the number 5 (five), and lists some of the numbers under 5 as lucky - 23, 32, 41 - getting pride of place.

Of these, 32 is an interesting number. It gives success in cycles. Pandit Sethuraman talks of the great Raja Vickram Aadityah, in whose life the number 32 recurred in many events.

23 is the most fortunate and extremely important if it appears in the forecasting of events. Cheiro refers to it as the "Royal Star of the Lion". It works to its full potential only if the person has a go-getting attitude. It is a number of valour and bravery; a number that truly depicts "fortune favours the brave".

Pandit Sethuraman says that natives of name number 41 will achieve success and command people. This causes them to overestimate their own abilities and they start getting too far ahead of themselves, and this ends up in failure. They should guard against over-confidence.