Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Prerequisites for name change

Pandit Sethuraman clearly states in "Adhista Vingyanam" that only he who knows palmistry, astrology and face reading (kai rekha sastram, jyotisam, samudrika lakshanam) will be able to grasp the subtleties of numerology. Without the knowledge of these allied sciences, you cannot become a good numerologist.

Secondly, changing the name of a person will alter the karmic field of the person and have a direct bearing on the final karmic destiny of the individual. Fiddling with cosmic energy is fraught with serious consequences and if the numerologist (who suggests the name change) doesn't have Divine Grace (daiva anugraham) then he will be unable to repel the retaliatory karmic wave, leading to unimaginable problems in his own life.


ShastriX said...

Agree with you, Anand.

Suggested name changes for a few guys and might have caught the wave of their changed karma.

CPKK, the guy at Chennai who taught me numerology, is now going through quite a few problems.

My policy nowadays: "I'll do numerology only in a Read mode; for changes, you can consult Nehru" ;-)

S. Anand said...

In his testimonial in PS's book, a client confessed to have suggested name changes to others and found himself beset by very serious problems. PS advises the guy (and also his readers) not to do so. The saving grace for the guy was that he did it with good intentions and not for money. Otherwise consequences would have been disastrous.

However, PS says that you can do it for yourself and your family members.